We met in Tivoli as Bard students in 2001. Shortly after, we moved to the city, and created an art magazine called Bidoun. Brian then went on to earn a masters of architecture at Columbia University and began designing furniture. 

We’ve always loved entertaining and bringing people together. While living in Brooklyn we would come up with any excuse to celebrate and organize elaborate dinner parties. Brian’s role was dessert maker extraordinaire, and he began making ice cream.   

When we moved back to Tivoli in 2015 with our two young children, we wished there was a scoop shop to get fresh, seasonal, locally made ice cream in the area. We said 55 Broadway was the perfect place for an ice cream shop, and if it was available, it would be a sign. A month later, we found out we could move in.  We seized the opportunity, never having done anything like this before, because we knew one thing- Brian makes really good ice cream. This was our FORTUNE. 

We want to share with you what we happily make for our own family; fresh, seasonal, quality ice cream that is fun and delicious. We want to be a place where you gather and enjoy something together. Our little town is magic. 

Thank you for giving us a shot. 

Brian & Lisa